Property Management

Philip Kouvelis Real Estate has a strong reputation for property management in Canberra.

This is because we work hard to make sure we give you:

  • up-to-date advice on issues such as rent levels, insurance, water consumption, maintenance, security and tenancy legislation
  • suitable tenants
  • well-maintained rental properties.

We stay on top of things so you don?t have to.

Tenancy Application

Our Tenancy Application Form can be filled out at our Garran Offices or online by clicking here.

Our property management team

Our property management team includes six fully trained property management professionals supported by five administrative staff, and overseen by our managing director, Philip Kouvelis, and office manager, Marion Nielsen.

Philip likes to be actively involved in the property management side of the business and is always kept up-to-date through regular property management and industry meetings.

Meanwhile Marion oversees the day-to-day running of the property management team.

She has worked with Philip Kouvelis since 1981 and has extensive knowledge of all facets of property management. She is also well versed in the relevant legislation, and, can explain it in Plain English!

She also keeps the office up-to-date with the latest property management accounting software to ensure your financial statements are streamlined and ready for tax time.